Environmental protection becomes more and more an important issue in the world in recent years. Most adhesive manufacturers have devoted their researches in the solvent-free, environmental friendly products. The application markets of hot melt adhesives in Asia remain a minimum growth of 10% increment in the recent years.

green-earth Qingdao Lead Chemicals New Materical Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013 by a group of area experts who have both theoretical adhesion science background and practical formulation technology. Based on the deep understanding of the C5 industry (The raw materials of hot melt adhesive ) and hot melt adhesive application market , and the obtaining rich practical experience, continuously explore the physical properties limits of materials, making use of the comprehensive application evaluation system, to satisfy diverse and specific market’s needs. To enhance the economic benefit and brand value for customers.

LEGO company constantly introduces new raw materials, research instrument, and production equipment to develop unique and newly market orientated products. The company has successfully developed a series of hot melt adhesive products.

Applications including non-woven fabrics, packaging, labels, tapes, special material composites , building materials, the automotive industry, etc.

Rheometer LEGO company adheres to “ customer service, eternal development ” business philosophy and “focus, professional, integrity, excellence, enterprising ” values to provide best service for all customers.
As a customer, you benefit from short decision paths and individual solutions tailored precisely to your specific need.
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To be a best chemical producer and service provider in hot melt adhesive and material industry in the world.


In accordance with the principle of honesty, fairness and trust, we handle the relations with our customers. We have established a highly efficient and direct service system to offer satisfactory service to our customers.

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