Product Introduction

1.(Adhesive) Hot Melt Adhesive,Hot Melt Glue,Label,Tape 

LEAD CHEMICAL’s  Hot melt adhesive systems are used in the manufacture and assembly of components across a diverse range of industrial sectors.

From transport and hygiene to food labeling and packaging, we partner with customers in manufacturing to innovate smarter hot melt adhesives

LEAD CHEMICAL technologies make your products lighter, safer and more durable. But our expertise goes beyond developing high-performing, multi-purpose adhesives. We improve your production processes with time and cost-saving solutions, making your operations more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

Automotive (hot melt)Adhesive: Discover our award-winning bonding solutions for automotive interiors and exteriors.

Tape (hot melt) Adhesive: Discover our aesthetic, durable and versatile adhesive solutions for tape suppliers.

Labeling (hot melt) Adhesive: Make your products look their best with our adhesives for bottle labels and clear labels.

Medical (hot melt) Adhesive: Adhesives for medical applications including surgical drapes, transdermal drug delivery systems and wound care. Here our solutions offer direct skin contact, sterilization and fluid-resistance properties.

Flexible Packaging (hot melt) Adhesive: We partner with food manufactures and medical packaging specialists to innovate new flexible packaging technologies.

Rigid Packaging (hot melt) Adhesive: Maximize manufacturing efficiencies with our products for case and carton forming.

Disposable Hygiene (hot melt) Adhesive: we’ve rich experience in creating smart adhesives for disposable hygiene products.

Security & Couriers Systems Adhesive :Can be used as the security and express industry tamper-proof labels and adhesive tapes or security pouches for valuables.

2. Hydrocarbon resin(C5 hydrocarbon resin  C9 Petroleum resin  Hydrogenated resin

LEAD CHEMICAL’s hydrocarbon resin products complete a diverse portfolio.

The Realtack® and Supertack® series cover a wide spectrum of aliphatic and aromatic grades. The Realtack grades are high-quality, low color C5 and and their modified hydrocarbon resin. The Supertack N series are C9 aromatic Petroleum resin.

C5 aliphatic, C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resin and their modified products from LEAD CHEMICAL have utility in many markets. In adhesives, hydrocarbon resins are used in hot melts adhesive, pressure sensitive tapes and labels, construction mastics, and many specialty applications. Hydrocarbon resins are also excellent tackifiers and compatibilization aids in the rubber market. In addition, hydrocarbon resins have found utility in paints & coatings, investment wax casting compounds, thermoplastic/thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) modification, hydrophobic sealants, thermoplastic road marking paints and so on.…

3.Thermoplastic Elastomer SIS

A Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene copolymers 

 SIS is a clear, linear triblock copolymer based on styrene and isoprene, used as an ingredient in formulating adhesives, sealants and coatings. It may also find use as a modifier of bitumen and rubber.

SIS offers good thermal stability, high cohesion strength, spray ability and superior adhesion. It is well-suited for use in hot melt adhesives, elastomer compounds and plastic modification.

Features:Softest, most tacky, lower viscosity, outstanding melt processability and elasticity.

Applications: Hygiene & medical product,Labels,Tapes,Elastic film,Packaging,Rubber & Plastic modification 

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