Lead Chemical series hot melt adhesives offer adhesive solutions for labels. Including paper and film labels, and is suitable for rolls and flat sheets labels. Lead Chemical Adhesives provide reliable processability, durability, stability and die-cutting performance to meet your requirements.

● Art paper label   ● Glassine Paper Label  ● Film Label

● Price label  ●  Logistics Label  ●  Frozen Label

Lead Chemical adhesives can meet your different needs for labels

● Customized peel strength

● Removable

● High/Low temperature resistance    

● Good aging Resistance               

● Clear to Clear

● Low surface energy  

● Easy die cutting

Lead Chemical series hot melt adhesives provide reliable adhesive solutions. Achieving light coating weight and environmentally friendly bonding. Suitable for a wide range of surfaces and industries. With strong, durable adhesion.   

● Foam tape    ●   Cleaning tape  ●   Kraft paper tape      ●   Aluminum Tape    

● Duct tape    ●   water membrane  ● Single and double side tape  ●   Masking tape

Cooperate with machinery, raw materials suppliers and customers to understand end-users and market needs deeply, and develop market-oriented adhesive solutions to help customers achieve high productivity and achieve the desired quality standards.

Reliable solution, Professional technical service, support our partner to optimize your products.

Lead Chemical Adhesives can meet your different needs. 

● Excellentadhesion                    ● anti-uv aging           ● Good peel strength

● Removable                              ● Clear to Clear