Characteristics of C5 hydrocarbon resin

C5 hydrocarbon resin is also called C5 hydrocarbon resin,Petroleum Resin which has occupied an important position as a tackifying resin. Among them,Petroleum Resin the most used are hot-melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives,Petroleum Resin rubber tires and other fields. Petroleum resins are suitable for hot-melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives and rubber tires. They have good compatibility with styrene polymers such as SIS, SBS, SEBS,Petroleum Resin SEPS, natural rubber, synthetic rubber and EVA, etc.Petroleum Resin and with natural tackifying resins (terpenes,Petroleum Resin rosin and its derivatives) It is also good to improve the performance of the adhesive to varying degrees.

In recent years, carbon nine petroleum resin has the characteristics of high peel adhesion strength,Petroleum Resin good fast adhesion, stable adhesion performance, moderate melt viscosity, good heat resistance,Petroleum Resin good compatibility with polymer matrix, and low price. Began to gradually replace the natural tackifying resin and occupy a prominent position.

The characteristics of C5 hydrocarbon resin in the adhesive system: good fluidity,Petroleum Resin can improve the wettability of the main material Good tack,Petroleum Resin with outstanding initial tack properties. Excellent aging resistance. Cohesion strength and peel strength achieve the best balance. Light color. Transparent, Petroleum Resinlow odor, low volatile.

C5 hydrocarbon resin