Comonomer in Petroleum Resin

Today's world petroleum industry is developing more and more rapidly. With the application of the market,Petroleum Resin petroleum resins are widely used. Today I will talk about the comonomers in petroleum resins to give you a more comprehensive and specific understanding of petroleum resins.

Petroleum Resin

This is because the heterogeneous tertiary carbon olefins play a role in chain transfer in the polymerization reaction and generate stable tertiary carbon cations. At the same time,Petroleum Resin it also has the effect of terminating the polymerization reaction, because it will capture the HCl produced by the contact between AlCl3 and piperylene,Petroleum Resin thus slowing down the catalytic effect of HCl,Petroleum Resin and the equation generates high molecular weight, poorly soluble polymers.

The monoolefins with such improved and adjusted quality of petroleum resin are some monoolefins containing tertiary carbon atoms. The greater the content of these monoolefins,Petroleum Resin the better the solubility of the resin. The lower the monoolefin content,Petroleum Resin the harder the resin and the higher the molecular weight,Petroleum Resin the more insoluble polymer components. In addition, cyclopentene in the role is similar to aromatic hydrocarbon solvents,Petroleum Resin can promote the formation of high melting point and soluble polymer.