Application of petroleum resin in road paint

The use of petroleum resin in road paint. The previous minor series has given us a lot of common knowledge about petroleum resin. Today, the minor series will continue to share some common knowledge about petroleum resin for us. That is, the use of petroleum resin in road paint. A little friend with a hobby can find out.


In fact, the use of petroleum resin is very wide. There are different uses in different occupations. Today, we will tell us in detail about the use of petroleum resin in road paint. We hope to help us.Petroleum resin is an insulating material, pouring material, and filling material. Aliphatic petroleum resins have better weathering resistance and can be made into field high-pressure insulators instead of ceramic products. It has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, simple manufacturing, and good impact resistance. Because it also has color stability and excellent electrical functions, it can be used as a packaging material for light-emitting diodes. Polyols are widely used in the sealing of high-voltage coils, Transformers, and various small electronic components. This kind of products can be satisfied with the requirements of outstanding thermal shock resistors, excellent critical electrical characteristics, and high thermal deformation temperatures. However, because of the higher heat resistance, good size stability, and reduced curing yield of the alicyclic petroleum resin, oilinjection molds can be manufactured. It is easier to process than metal molds, lighter in quality,

cheaper, and more conducive to molding operations. It is especially suitable for composite materials with large forming size, high precision, complex surface, and low yield. Now, it has been widely used in the manufacture of cars and aircraft.

Generally speaking, the paint used for road signs and road lines is road paint, which is mainly room temperature, melting and heating.

The resins used for road signs paint mainly include alkyd resin, modified alkyd resin, acrylic resin, petroleum resin, epoxy resin, chlorinated rubber and so on. Compared with other resins, petroleum resin has excellent functions and low prices. In addition, petroleum resin has good adhesion to asphalt pavement or concrete, and it is resistant to water and wear. In addition, petroleum resins and inorganic substances have a good affinity, good weather resistance, simple application, fast drying, high consolidation, petroleum resin can not only improve the physical and chemical functions of the coating, such as hardness, bending degree and impact resistance, etc.. It can also improve its ultraviolet and weather resistance, with a maximum service life of up to 3 years, and the use of petroleum resin road paint abroad accounts for 25-30 % of the total road paint.