C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin for Adhesive

This grade of C5 hydrocarbon resin is characterized by its good performance of tack and of adhesive and cohesive properties,excellent heating stability and wide compatibility with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), APAO, styrene polymers (such as SIS,SBS,SEBS,SEPS), natural rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubbers.
Additionally, A100 has good solubility with natural tackinifer resins such as terpene, colophonyl and its derivatives.
Presently C5 petroleum resin have become professional stardards and played more and more prominent role as tackifier resin in adhesive and sealant industries especially for hot-melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesives, packaging adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, wood adhesive, adhesive tape, glue sticks and labels, etc.
Light color, Slight odor,
Low volatility, Low molecular weight,
Good fluidity, Good viscosity, Good compatibility with vaious polymers,
High transparency, Distinguished initial adhesion,
Best initial adhibiting and cohesive intensity and intensity of stripping,

C5 Aliphatic Petroleum Resin for Adhesive
  Index    A100    Test Method
  Color No Ga (50% Toluene, Ga.#)    ≤5#    ASTM D1544
  Softening Point (Ring&Ball, ℃)    95-105℃    ASTM E28
  Acid Value (mgKOH/g)    ≤1.0    ASTM D974
  Melt Viscosity (BRF @200℃CPS)    ≤250    ASTM D3236
  Specific Gravity (@25℃, g/cm3)    0.93-0.99    ASTM D71
  Technical Data Specification
  Material Safety Data Sheet