Eco-friendly water-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives should be the direction of adhesive development

Source: Huaxun rosin net                07-22-21


Environmental protection water-based glue and hot melt adhesive should be adhesive development direction.


According to introducing, environmental protection water-based glue using water as solvent, hot melt glue as the glue without solvent, theoretically solved the "toxic" the fundamental problem.

Solvent-free reaction type polyester hot melt adhesive, using water or hot effect of crosslinking, finally achieve good bonding strength. As high-performance environmentally friendly adhesive, hot melt adhesive is the development of the "twelfth five-year" national key technology.


Waterborne polyurethane rubber compared with solvent polyurethane rubber, no odor of solvent, non-toxic, non-polluting, residue is easy to clean, high solid content, safe and convenient to carry. In the 1990 s, Europe and the United States increasingly strict environmental regulations, water-based polyurethane adhesive for industrial application.


In recent years, is not conducive to China's footwear exports message appear frequently, such as the eu's implementation of azo, phthalic acid methyl ester chemical material such as detection, has become the powerful weapon to boycott Chinese footwear products in the European Union. Places such as Europe and the United States not only to test the footwear VOC content, and to test the shoe storage space in residue, objectively as footwear export of technical barriers.

Production of the comprehensive performance of water-based glue, of course, the demand is higher, such as requiring solid content more than 50%, hydrolysis resistance, and so on.


For environmentally water-based glue is still not the mainstream of reality, bully force chemical li Yang, vice President thinks, cost is not the problem, the key is the consciousness of the shoe factory. Li Yang, solvent-based glue 80% ~ 85% for solvent, effective solid content less than 20%, while water-based glue solid content more than 50%, is three times as many solvent-based glue. Water-based glue on the market selling price is about 2 ~ 2.5 times of solvent adhesive. Reduced down, water-based glue is not expensive, relatively cheaper.