Henkel signs strategic cooperation agreement with Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone

                                                                                                       July 19, 2021 Qingdao

Promote the development of rail transit ecosystem

Qingdao, China on July 19, 2021, recently, Henkel adhesive business department signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Management Committee of Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone. Henkel will carry out comprehensive cooperation with Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone in the fields of rail transit, carbon fiber new materials, rail car body and parts, rail vehicle interior decoration business and so on.

The specific cooperation between Henkel and Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone includes the R & D and application of new materials such as composite materials including carbon fiber, the development and application of composite materials such as rail vehicles and parts bonding, sealing, vibration and noise reduction, fire retardant and lightweight vehicles, the vehicle interior decoration of rail transit spare parts enterprises and the maintenance of vehicle operation enterprises.

Patrick scheidner, global vice president of Henkel, global head of aerospace and rail transit industry and Asia Pacific head of electronic materials and industrial market, said: "the positioning of Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone is highly consistent with Henkel's products and R & D capabilities. This strategic cooperation with the demonstration zone has promoted our in-depth cooperation with key enterprises in the rail transit industry chain and promoted the resource integration of key members of the rail ecosystem. "

"Henkel has strong technical capabilities and resources in R & D and innovation. This cooperation between the two sides will further strengthen the industrial agglomeration advantages of the rail transit industry demonstration zone and broaden the width and breadth of industrial development, so as to promote the demonstration zone to become a world-class rail transit industry development highland." Wang Bo, director of the Management Committee of Qingdao rail transit demonstration zone, said.

At the signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation, key rail transit enterprises within the jurisdiction of Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone also participated in relevant cooperation. Henkel will provide some key enterprises with material application experience and comprehensive solutions for advanced vehicle industry, so as to meet the higher requirements of rail transit vehicle development for lightweight, environmental protection and safety.

Sheng Aibo further said: "Henkel has always been a key partner and solution supplier of rail system. This cooperation will help us create more sustainable development value for rail transit enterprises, provide customized solutions for market challenges and multiple application needs faced by customers, and further help customers reduce energy consumption.