Application difference of C5/C9 petroleum resin

Petroleum resin is a kind of thermoplastic resin,which is byproducts in oil cracking by the process of pretreatment, polymerization, distillation,etc.,

The petroleum resin has the characteristics of good viscosity and thermal stability, and the main function isto provide the viscosity and the wetting effect.

Petroleum resins are generally not used alone, and are used as accelerators,modifiers,modifiers, and otherresins.According to the different raw materials,petroleum resin is divided into C5 petroleum resin,C9 petroleum resin, C5/C9 copolymer petroleum resin and hydrogenated petroleum resin. The different types ofpetroleum resins have certain interoperability, in some areas can substitute each other, but also have theirown unique characteristics in various application areas.

C5 petroleum resin, low softening point, light color, lower degree of unsaturation, good compatibility withother resins and rubber;mainly used in pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot melt adhesive, road marking paint,synthetic rubber, radial tires and other fields, also used in the paint, ink and other fields.

C9 petroleum resin: high softening point, deep color, higher degree of unsaturation, better weatherability,poor compatibility with rubber and SIS; mainly used in paint,ink and other fields,in the field of hot meltadhesive, road sign paint, rubber also have application.

C5 / C9 Copolymerized Petroleum Resin: combined characteristics of C5 and C9 petroleum resin, softeningpoint is relatively higher, compatibility is relatively better,mainly used in hot-melt adhesives,syntheticrubber, tires and other fields.

Hydrogenation petroleum resin: low unsaturation, colorless, no special smell, better weatherability, stabilityand compatibility; mainly used in high-grade paint, color ink, adhesives, road marking paint etc. industries.

In summary, C5 petroleum resin has low softening point, low odor, high binding strength, mainly used inthe field of pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot melt adhesive, road sign paint, etc. ; C9 petroleum resin hasrelatively large smell, high softening point, poor compatibility, mainly used in the field of paints,inks, andanti-corrosion coating; petroleum resin after hydrogenation modification,the original double bonds andaromatic saturated, in the polymerization process removing the resin residual halides and sulfur and nitrogenimpurities. They can be hydrogenated into white or transparent, transparent is very important in the hot meltadhesive, adhesive and PP film modifier application. In addition, hydrogenation can also improve adhesion,weatherability and the compatibility with EVA in hot melt adhesive. Therefore, hydrogenation petroleumresin is widely used in the fields of hot melt adhesive,diapers and sanitary products,new paint,,ink,highway road sign paint, etc.