Progress in preparation technology of C9 Petroleum Resin

The preparation process of C9 petroleum resin is as follows: the raw materials are pretreated to remove (bis) cyclopentadiene and isoprene,Petroleum Resin to obtain raw materials with a mass fraction of more than 50%,Petroleum Resin and then add a diluent aromatic hydrocarbon under the protection of nitrogen,Petroleum Resin Then add the catalyst AlCl3. Keep the temperature at 25,Petroleum Resin gradually add concentrated piperylene and comonomer, control the feed rate so that the reaction temperature does not exceed 40,Petroleum Resin and the solid content in the reactor is 45%~50%, and the polymerization time is 1~ 2h. After the polymerization,Petroleum Resin the product is sent to the alkali scrubber. The top of the column is the decatalyzed polymerization liquid,Petroleum Resin which is sent to the water scrubber to remove the alkali liquid and residual catalyst in the polymerization liquid. The top of the water column goes to the stripper and vacuum distillation tower , Distilling diluent,Petroleum Resin unpolymerized components and oligomers to obtain high molecular weight solid petroleum lining grease.

C9 Petroleum Resin

Choosing different comonomers can improve the performance of the resin and obtain different special resins. For example, copolymerization with methyl styrene can improve the adhesive properties of the resin;Petroleum Resin copolymerization with isobutylene can obtain resins with narrow relative molecular weight distribution;Petroleum Resin copolymerization with cyclopentene can obtain resins with high softening point. Commonly used comonomers are maleic anhydride, terpenes,Petroleum Resin aromatic compounds.