Production status of C9 Petroleum Resin at home and abroad

The development status of C9 petroleum resin production at home and abroad: the development of petrochemical industry provides rich and cheap raw materials for the production of petroleum resin,Petroleum Resin so the production of petroleum resin in some petrochemical developed countries is developing rapidly. The production status of domestic c9 petroleum resin: C9 in China The development of petroleum resin started late,Petroleum Resin but the progress is relatively fast,Petroleum Resin which has opened a new situation for the development of domestic petroleum resin.

At present, there are about 50 petroleum resin production enterprises in China,Petroleum Resin with a total production capacity of more than 2 million tons per year. It can produce C5 resin, C9 resin, C5/C9 copolymer resin,Petroleum Resin and hydrogenated resin. The production equipment is mainly C9 petroleum resin. 70% of production capacity. C5 petroleum resin accounts for 30%. The production scale of most of the devices is small, the variety is single,Petroleum Resin and the product quality is not high, especially the main quality indicators such as product color and softening point are unstable,Petroleum Resin and the application range is greatly restricted.

C9 Petroleum Resin