Modification of existing varieties

Modify existing varieties by blending, grafting and other methods to improve the performance of hot melt adhesives. For example, stabilizers are used to prevent oxidation; tackifiers improve bonding strength; paraffin wax reduces viscosity to change surface properties; various fillers can increase viscosity, melting point and bonding strength.

Research the variety and dosage of various compounding agents, and optimize the formula to meet different needs.

Accelerate the development of new products


Curable hot melt adhesives and functional hot melt adhesives are two major new products on the market. The main feature of the former is to improve the high temperature resistance of hot melt adhesives and increase the softening point above 120°C, thereby expanding its scope of use; functional hot melt adhesives are for specific occasions and can achieve specific functions to meet the needs of various applications. Glue-like. Such as water-soluble or dispersible hot-melt adhesive, hot-melt sealant, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and so on.