Nonwoven hot melt adhesive film

Nonwoven hot melt adhesive film is the hot melt adhesive film that can be used for nonwoven lamination. Nonwoven fabrics are usually bonded with nonwoven fabrics, leather, metal, sponge and other materials. For the bonding of nonwoven fabrics themselves, considering the characteristics of their own strength, the requirements for the strength of nonwoven bonding are actually not very big, so it is not very difficult for the selection of the adhesive film, but there are some points to pay attention to.

For the composite bonding of non-woven fabrics, usually EVA, TPU, PA, PES and other hot melt adhesive films can meet the requirements. So, if there are no other special needs, just choose the more cost-effective varieties.

If the lamination of non-woven fabrics is considered for special purposes, such as the need to resist washing, then we would recommend the use of TPU type hot melt adhesive film. This is because TPU hot melt adhesive film has a better resistance to washing than other varieties. For example, if the non-woven fabric is laminated with metal, we tend to recommend PES hot melt adhesive film, because PES hot melt adhesive film tends to have good adhesion to metal.

Another point to note is that nonwovens are usually thin, so we usually do not use hot melt films with too much thickness, because too much glue will often lead to quality problems such as glue penetration after lamination. Therefore, thin hot melt adhesive film products are more popular in the lamination of nonwoven products, so most of the time, low-grain hot melt adhesive mesh film is also the preferred material for nonwoven lamination.

Also, we need to pay extra attention to the grasp of the lamination process when laminating nonwoven fabrics, especially when laminating sponges and other materials, it is necessary to control the laminating temperature and laminating time, so as to avoid problems such as inappropriate bonding or adhesive permeability.

The selection and use of non-woven hot melt adhesive film is about this, of course, we will also be based on the specific situation to determine the use of a specific model of hot melt adhesive products, as well as a better process program. When it comes to the development of new materials and processes, sample testing is a necessary part of the process.

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