Hot melt adhesive analysis and testing

Hot melt adhesive (Hot Glue) is a kind of plastic adhesive. Its physical state changes with temperature within a certain temperature range, while its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and is an environmentally friendly chemical product.

Because the product itself is solid, it is easy to package, transport, store, solvent-free, pollution-free, non-toxic; and the production process is simple, high value-added, high bonding strength, fast speed and other advantages.

Hot melt adhesive analysis and testing

scope of test:

Hot-melt adhesives for fabrics, hot-melt adhesives for book binding, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, multi-purpose solvent-based hot-melt adhesives, hot-melt adhesives for furniture edge banding, thermoplastic powder coatings, hot-melt adhesive films, etc.

Test items:

Physical properties: detection of viscosity, softening point, appearance, density, viscosity, bonding point, softening point, curing time, PH value, pot life and storage period

Mechanical properties: tensile strength, shear strength, peel strength, bonding strength, split strength, impact strength

Electrical properties: dielectric strength, dielectric constant, volume resistance, monomer content

Applicability: Corrosion, fluidity, low temperature stability, permeability, etc.

Reliable performance: creep, fatigue strength, impact resistance, durability, aging performance, chemical resistance, salt spray test, etc.

Toxic and hazardous substances: benzene, toluene, xylene, free formaldehyde, methanol, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, non-volatile content

Chemical analysis: formula analysis, ingredient identification, content