Application method of hot melt glue gun

Hot melt glue gun is a commonly used tool in decoration, and it is mainly used for materials coating and other purposes. The hot melt glue gun has the characteristics of good glue output, can meet the requirements of different production lines, and is easy to clean. Regarding the hot melt glue gun, let's learn about the use of the hot melt glue gun and the precautions for using the hot melt glue gun. Content now!

What are the methods of using hot melt glue gun

1. When using a hot melt glue gun, don't just use it. Be sure to check whether the power supply is intact and the bracket is ready before plugging in the power source. If the glue gun is used, it depends on whether it can pour glue. .

2. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the hot melt glue gun is clean to prevent the nozzle from being blocked by dirt and affecting its normal use.

3. Then insert the hot melt glue stick into the small hole at the back of the gun, and be sure to push it to the bottom.

4. The glue gun needs to be preheated for about 3-5 minutes before use, and the glue gun should be upright on the table after use.

5. Press the yellow "trigger" part again, and you will see the glue slowly come out from the gun nozzle.

6. Then squeeze the glue onto the object to be bonded.

7. Finally, put the adhesive quickly and press it. If the movement is too slow, the glue will solidify into a glue pellet.

Precautions for using hot melt glue gun

1. Be careful not to use the hot melt glue gun in a humid environment, because the insulation performance will be affected in a humid environment, and the use of a hot melt glue gun is likely to cause the risk of electric shock.

2. When using, it is also necessary to pay attention to the high temperature of the nozzle and the melted glue (about 200 degrees), so except for the handle, do not touch it in other places.

3. Never pull out the glue strip from the glue inlet to avoid hot melt glue burns or damage to the glue gun.

4. Moreover, the parts of the electric heating part cannot be disassembled and installed at will, otherwise it will affect its normal use.

5. When the glue gun is heated, the temperature is very high and it is a very dangerous tool, so don't let children touch it, and it must be placed in a high place.

6. The glue gun tool cannot be used for any other purpose except for melting glue.

7. If the glue strip in the glue gun has backflow, stop using it immediately and wait for the professional to clean the backflow before continuing to use the hot melt adhesive.

8. When using the glue gun, do not heat continuously for more than 15 minutes, and cut off the power supply after sufficient heating time.