Hot Melt Adhesive Production

Who doesn't want more mileage?

It's not that much of a stretch to say hot melt adhesives bind the galaxy together. Okay, maybe it is a stretch. But it is a fact that hot melt adhesives, also known as HMAs, have been used across a broad range of substrates and applications.

They'll stick to just about everything. Cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, foam, even metal. Hot melt adhesives made with our polymers have excellent durability, in hot and cold conditions. And it's easy to set up an application system that won't clog. It won't smell bad, either. And it won't break the budget.

Of course there are rules to be followed. Our polymers for hot melt adhesives comply with food safety and protection regulations around the globe. As a bonus, they are highly efficient, allowing for more mileage.

But enough about that. Let's talk about a few ways Dow products can be used in a range of hot melt adhesive applications.

Hot melt adhesives for food packaging: This is a big one. Shelf appeal, cost efficiency and sustainability are all hot button issues, and our products help check all those boxes. Speaking of hot,  hot melt adhesives made with Dow products will work when filling the packages with hot items, and they also work with frozen food.

Hot melt adhesives for absorbent hygiene products: Diapers, feminine hygiene, and incontinence products are just a few places you can find hot melt adhesives in this category. When made with Dow products, they provide low odor, softness and color stability, along with durability.

Hot melt adhesives for labels: For bottles and boxes, even those that go in freezers. Removable labels, too. These  hot melt adhesives will be durable and practically invisible, when made with Dow products, so clear labels stay clear.

Let's connect and see what we come up with.