New product development of hot melt adhesive

hot melt adhesive

Curing Hot Melt adhesive and functional Hot melt adhesive are two major types of new products on the market. The main features of the former are to improve the high temperature resistance of hot melt adhesive, improve the softening point to more than 120 ℃, thus expanding its use range; functional Hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive which can realize specific functions to meet the needs of all aspects of use for specific occasions. such as water-soluble or dispersed hot melt adhesive, Hot melt sealant, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and so on. Below is a description of the hot melt sealant. It is a single-part, solvent-free, non-foggy, non-vulcanized, permanent plastic insulating glass first sealant based on Polybutylene rubber. The hot-melt butyl sealant maintains its plasticity and sealability over a wide temperature range, and the surface does not crack or harden. It has good adhesion to glass, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials. Due to its extremely low water vapor transmittance, it can form an excellent anti-moisture system along with elastic sealants. Features: Good sealing effect, easy to guarantee quality, no curing period, save floor space, environmental protection products, use without waste, clean environment, save time, raw materials, staff, reduce production costs.